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Updated: 07/11/2017
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Dong Van karst plateau of Ha Giang was never known as a popular tourist destination today. The first visitors to the Dong Van plateau were almost attracted by incredible and grandeur mountain scenery. Here, the whole scene is rocks with various shapes such as petals, flowers, flower branch (Khau vai rock garden, Veo Vac District) or the shape of tiger (Lung Cu rock garden). And, Van Chai rock garden has green grass that creates the majestic and grandeur beauty for landscape. Besides, tourists were also attracted  by the unique cultural and spiritual values associated with the ethnic Mong, Dao, Lo Lo… living on the plateau. The ethnic people picked up stones to build house, walls. They carved stone to grow corn. They renovated the mountainside into a vast of rice. The beauty and grandeur of Dong Van plateau comes from not only the huge natural boulders but also the fair of the H’mong, Dao, Lo Lo…
However, the  tourists was not able to find any hotel in Dong Van at that time except the only guest houses which were built by local authorities never met any sanitary conditions
nderstanding tourists’essential needs, Mr Nguyen Kien Trai from Hanoi who has been living over 35 years in Ha Giang, he was also the person who built the Lung Cu National Flagpolet invested in building Hoang Ngoc Hotel in order to make tourists to feel comfortable and have better experience in Dong Van Plateau. 
Nearly 20 years of development, Hoang Ngoc Hotel has been increasingly known as a familiar, hospitable second home to both domestics and foreign tourists. Our mission is to bring you a satisfaction which has been always a top priority since our first days.
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